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Mencke Media is an expert in promoting recreational businesses as camping holidays, holiday homes and holiday parks. We create and manage effective holiday websites that generate a lot of visitors and provide lots of targeted traffic to the websites of our customers. Because of our experience and expertise we already are an integral part of the marketing mix of a large number of leisure businesses.

Mencke Media

We offer you the opportunity to bring your company to the attention of thousands of additional potential customers. You can respond very focused on certain niches, so you can optimize the promotion of your camping, holiday home or holidaypark. Additionally, you can choose to advertise on dozens of holiday-oriented websites. This way you are assured of many extra visitors and a higher occupancy of your recreation company.

We focus solely on the holiday industry and work often directly with the recreation companies, but also with marketing agencies and affiliate networks to achieve maximum results. Therefor we became an integral part of the marketing mix of many leisure companies.

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